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Air conditioning Installation & Replacement

Creating the right working atmosphere, or delivering that extra quality of life to the home can be achieved in a number of ways, however none more so effectively perhaps than with a powerful air conditioning system that gives you complete control of your environment. Often, we see the installation process as something long and drawn out, damagingly disruptive to productivity, or even largely invasive, involving extensive work on the ceiling or roof.

Here at North London Appliance Repairs Air Conditioning, we’re proud to bring you an air conditioning installation service throughout London that is speedy, streamlined and perpetually focused on quality, efficiency and minimal interference. We utilise our 10 years’ worth of industry experience fitting all kinds of units to deliver an installation you can trust, quickly providing your premises with the many benefits an air conditioning system can bring.

Of course, a top quality air con installation goes hand in hand with only the best equipment, and as such we’ve carefully hand-picked our range of air conditioning units to bring London based homes and businesses up to date with the latest systems. You can rest assured that the air con units from us here at North London Appliance Repairs will deliver the precise level of control you require, whilst standing the test of time on your premises.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installations

Commercial Air Conditioners

With a highly experienced team of experts, whom are amongst the most practiced and knowledgeable in the industry, we provide a range of services in the UK, from supplying, to installation and maintenance for factories, shops, schools, offices, homes, restaurants and many more.

We pride ourselves on professionalism, high quality service and expert solutions and will always ensure to keep your safety our number one priority. We will always make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied and know and understand how to operate their air conditioning system properly.

With bespoke, consultancy and contractor services available, you’ll be guaranteed an expert and tailored service that caters specifically to all your requirements.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the latest and best designs and always carry out a thorough survey of the rooms and facilities, including extensive safety checks and room assessment so we can deliver the best units for you.

Computer Rooms

Air conditioning has numerous benefits, from helping hay-fever, to clearing the air of mites and dust, to climate control and increasing productivity. In some places it is a necessity to have air conditioning, for example server rooms. Computer rooms can exceed to temperatures as hot as a seven foot toaster oven without the use of air conditioning, which can not only overheat the machines, but also decrease office productivity. Warm air circulating can also cause an unhealthy environment, causing more illness and consequently, more sick days.

As specialists in providing excellent and efficient air conditioning systems, we offer tailored units specially for computer rooms, offices and universities and will ensure you and the machinery are kept at a comfortable level of temperature all day long.

Domestic Air Conditioning Installations

Domestic Air Conditioning

With our pre-season offer you can purchase air conditioning at a low price, ready for the hot summer months ahead!

We provide an array of different air conditioning units suitable for bedrooms, conservatories, lounges and many other household rooms.


In the sticky summer weather it can be very difficult to sleep, even with the window open; but with our powerful range of air conditioners you can bid the uncomfortable hot nights farewell and welcome a cool, refreshing and most importantly good night’s sleep.

And there’s no risk of inviting any bugs into the room like there is with the window open!


One of the benefits of a conservatory is being able to admire the garden view out of the sun’s glare. However, conservatories are renowned for become hot and stuffy and during hot spells it can be unendurable. We offer a wide range of air conditioners specifically for conservatories, which will suit any design and fit into your surroundings perfectly, allowing you to recline back and enjoy the view in comfort.


With all the appliances in a lounge heating up the room, your lounge can become unpleasantly hot, which in turn takes away the relaxing atmosphere that a lounge should provide. With our air conditioners you can maintain a steady temperature and enjoy the comforts of your lounge properly.