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Domestic appliance repair engineers in Stratford

North London Appliance Repairs is an independently-owned company with a wealth of experience in all aspects of domestic appliance repair. We specialise in fixing fridge, freezer, cookers, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines all over London.

Stratford Appliance repairs and servicing

All the residents of Stratford who are looking for a reliable appliance repairing service in the area, it’s the time to relax as North London Appliance Repairs is what you have been waiting for. North London Appliance Repairs is one of the leading and the most trusted repairing companies in London, where we fix all your faulty appliances right at your doorsteps.

For the last couple of years, North London Appliance Repairs has been serving people all across London by delivering exceptional quality services. Our remarkable performance and years of experience are the reason why some of the UK’s most famous appliance sellers suggest our repairing services to most of their clients. Hence you can completely trust our repairing skills for appliances of any brand.


We are able to render such a consistent repairing service because of our professional experts and engineers from all across London, who specialise in all types of appliance fixing. Our experts can fix appliances like ovens, washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, refrigerators etc. At North London Appliance Repairs we repair appliances using some of the latest tools and techniques and try to repair your appliances in a very short time.

North London Appliance Repairs in Stratford also believes in delivering repairing services at affordable prices. Prices for all our services are fixed and free of any hidden charges, therefore customers are always aware of the exact price they are paying for any availed service. North London Appliance Repairs also offers a 1-year free repairing service guarantee to their customers.

If you are willing to order your repairing service right now then please fill out our online request form by putting in the necessary details along with a suitable time and date so that our team can visit you whenever you want. Place your orders today and avail our best services.

For professional, high-quality appliance repairs in Stratford, use the online form today to book one of our local engineers and let North London Appliance Repairs take care of your appliance.

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Book Online 24/7 or call our offices on 0207 205 4072 from 8am to 8pm.

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We will check your appliance after each repair or installation.

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We have fixed price for diagnostic and labour.

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We can take card payments on the spot, after completing a repair service.

Why choose us

  • Same-day service
  • One-Off Repair charge
  • Evenings and weekends services at no extra cost!
  • Free Estimiates, NO Obligation
  • Professional repair service
  • Friendly service at competitive prices
  • Highly skilled and experienced engineers
  • 12 Months guarantee on all repairs
  • Safety checks
Washing Machine Repairs Stratford

Not only can our engineer carry out washing machine repairs in Stratford but can also attend to washer dryers and tumble dryer repairs in Stratford. We can carry out repairs to integrated laundry appliances as well as free-standing appliances. As with all our appliance repairs in Stratford, you will receive a 12-month warranty on your washing machine repairs in Stratford and we aim to be with you the same day.

Dishwasher Repairs Stratford

Look no further for Stratford dishwasher repairs, NLA has dishwasher engineers who can undertake your dishwasher repairs in Stratford the same or next working day. We offer our services for both built-in and freestanding dishwasher repairs in Stratford. You can book your appointment by filling on our online booking form, or you can call our engineer who can book in your dishwasher repairs in Stratford over the phone.

Oven Repairs Stratford

NLA can attend to electric cooker and oven repairs in Stratford on all domestic brands of electric ovens. We are also able to carry out electric hob repairs in Stratford too. Our oven repairs in Stratford are covered by our 12 month warranty.

Fridge Freezer Repairs Stratford

Our refrigeration expert in Stratford is able to attend to repairs in Stratford on fridge freezers, chest freezers, integrated fridges and integrated freezers. You can book in your fridge or freezer repairs in Stratford by contacting us on 02072054072 or you can book in your fridge freezer repairs online.

Cooker Repairs Stratford

NLA can attend to electric cooker and gas cooker repairs in Stratford on all domestic brands of cookers. We are also able to carry out electric and gas hob repairs in Stratford too. Our cooker repairs in Stratford are covered by our 12-month warranty.

Hob Repairs Stratford

NLA can attend to electric hob and gas hob repairs in Stratford on all domestic brands of hobs. Our hob repairs in Stratford are covered by our 12 month warranty.

Freezer Repairs Stratford

NLA can attend to freezer repairs in Stratford on all domestic brands of freezers. We are also able to carry out chest freezers and integrated freezers repairs in Stratford too. Our freezers repairs in Stratford are covered by our 12 month part and labour guarantee.

Tumble dryer Repairs Stratford

If you have a problem with your tumble dryer, NLA appliance and tumble dryer repair specialists will fix your appliance. If you want to book an appointment, contact a member of the team on 02072054072

Washer dryer Repairs Stratford

Do you need Washer dryer repairs? Stratford residents and people who live in East London can all benefit from the Washer dryer repair specialists. If you want to book an appointment, contact a member of the team on 02072054072

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Call us today on 0207 205 4072 to arrange a visit from a member of our friendly team, or alternatively, book your kitchen appliance repairs or installations online.

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We Repair the following Appliances

We provide a wide range of services for household appliances in Stratford including:

At North London Appliances we provide professional repairs for electrical Cookers, Ovens, and Hobs, covering all makes and models. We believe in combining high standard repair services with convenience and professionalism. We will happily work around your daily schedule to provide you with an excellent cooker repairs service, oven repair or hob repair, at extremely competitive prices.

All our work is carried out by professionally trained, certified technicians. We repair all household electrical appliances with utmost care for our customers’ possessions, always having in mind that they need them to be able to get on with their daily lives, and try to be as efficient as possible in the shortest possible time.

Cookers are used every day in thousands of households and businesses, and regardless of their make or model, they all break down at some point, whether from overuse or a fault. This is where we can help, with our cooker repairs service and experienced technicians in London.

We provide a high quality, same or next day fridge/freezer repair services. Our repairs engineers have been trained and certified for all makes and models of fridges and fridge/freezers and will be able to respond and fix any issue or replace a faulty part. Diagnosis is always that first important step in fridge and freezer repairs. Finding out what work needs to be done - be it fixing electrical problems or changing a broken part, will allow us to carry our repair works promptly and with a guaranteed result.

At North London Appliances we have the knowledge and the skills to carry out all repair works from start to finish – from diagnosis to fixing your fridge/freezer, and with the guarantee that it will work flawlessly for the next year.

We provide commercial and domestic fridge/freezer repair services and maintenance for all London areas within the M25. We work with original spare parts provided directly from manufacturers to ensure the highest standard of repairs.

Oven repair services at competitive and affordable prices for all makes and models are provided by professional technicians at North London Appliances. We service all London areas within M25.

Our main aim is to help our customers with quality oven repair services and let them cook delicious meals for their loved ones or for their clients at restaurants or other premises that serve oven cooked food.

More and more electronics are being incorporated into all household and commercial appliances these days, so it is becoming more important to find a repairs specialist that really has the knowledge and the skills to take care of your goods.

Our operatives are professionally trained in oven repairs and we work with all major manufacturers to ensure the authenticity of the spare parts we use.

We will work around your schedule to make sure you get the help when you need it, yet at a time that is convenient for you.

When it comes to a combined washer/dryer, your home appliance has to work double hard to undertake the work that is normally divided between a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

Although designed to withstand the serious temperature changes, going from cold water for washing to a very high degree of drying, there is still a tremendous pressure for all the parts of your washer/dryer, and it might need maintenance or repair work done more often that a separate washing machine or a tumble dryer.

At North London Appliances we have fixed prices for washer/dryer combo repairs, and guarantee that it will work flawlessly for the next 12 months after we've taken care of it.

We can give that promise as we work with trained and certified washer/dryer repairs engineers, with many years’ experience, who've had the chance to repair many of the different brand's models that are on the market today. In addition, we work directly with all household appliances manufacturers and guarantee the authenticity and quality of all spare parts we use.

Broken washing machine? The feeling is of a rising panic, especially if you have kids, or need to be presentable at that meeting in two days time, or have a job interview in a few days, or going on a holiday soon, the list of important events where you need to look your best is endless.

Washing machines, as most of the electric household appliances these days, are almost irreplaceable. Of course, you can go to the local laundry once or twice but, as we all know, it’s not cost effective.

At North London Appliances we offer a professional washing machine repair service to all makes and models. All work is carried by certified, professionally trained operatives. We work closely with washing machine manufacturers and only use original spare parts.

We’ll visit at a time that is convenient for you and swiftly repair your washing machine so you don’t have to go out of your way to having your clothes clean and fresh.

Dishwasher repair services at competitive and affordable prices, provided by North London Appliances’ qualified engineers. We have fixed prices for dishwasher repairs and spare parts, and as we work closely with the manufacturers, we can guarantee their quality and authenticity, having them purchased directly from manufacturers or their representatives.

Dishwashers require constant maintenance, we advise our customers on what cleaning products they can use to prolong the lifespan of this kitchen household appliance.

At North London Appliances we provide the same or next day dishwasher repairs service, as we know how important it is for our customers to have clean cutlery and crockery, be it at home or at their commercial premises.

We are always trying to be as swift as possible in repairing commercial or domestic dishwashers, and this, combined with friendly technicians and utmost care for our clients’ kitchen appliances, makes our customers come back to us whenever they need us for dishwasher repairs and maintenance services.

Domestic appliance repairs in Stratford

Call us on 0207 205 4072 to get a free quote or book an appointment.

  • Repair of any make and model
  • Fixed affordable prices
  • No hidden charges
  • All repairs guaranteed for 1 year

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