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Cold Room Installation London & Cold Room Servicing London

Cold Rooms design and manufacturing is a specialist field of expertise for North London Appliance Repairs.

North London Appliance Repairs are specialists in the design, installation and servicing of hygienic areas, cold rooms and cold stores for chilled distribution centres, as well as industrial specification firewalls and partitions.

Using high quality insulated panels, North London Appliance Repairs create temperature controlled hygienic environments throughout the UK. From cold stores, cold rooms and hygienic food processing environments, through to chilled distribution warehouses and walk-in freezers, our experience and specialist expertise covers it all.

We pride ourselves in our ability to react when requested with both consistency of product and quality of installation of cold rooms. We are able to provide very competitive rates throughout our product range, including cold room installation and repair and all types of insulated panels, including fire rated mineral fibre and PIR.

We have access to all the leading Cold Room refrigerators brands and can offer independent advice, and recommend the right equipment to meet your business requirements.

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We have become renowned for the quality and scale of commercial cold rooms which we have supplied and installed in the London area.

North London Appliance Repairs is a family run business that designs, builds, installs and services cold rooms and clean rooms. It is based in Tottenham, London and has been serving customers across the London area for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction which leads to much repeat business. Our many satisfied customers include: restaurants and bars; Food industries; Public services sector; food retail outlets; Pharmaceutical;distribution centres; Research industries and medical/scientific establishments. Our customer base ranges from small business to national blue chip chains and UK Government.

Custom Made Cold Rooms

We design, build and install custom cold rooms. This means that our customers can have a cold room that meets their own individual requirements. We have been doing this for many years so have the experience to work with a customer to help them specify a cold room that best meets their needs.  As well as producing new build cold rooms we can also modify and extend or maintain and repair existing cold rooms.

North London Appliance Repairs offers professional customised design cold rooms with chilling & freezing temperature, i.e.: small, medium and large size of walk-in refrigerator, chiller, cooler, freezer cold storage refrigerated warehouse cold store plant, walk-in refrigeration purposes like food service, catering, restaurant, butchery, medical pharmacy, bakery, hospital, farm fresh & frozen poultry meat storage, vegetable & fruit warehouse storage, slaughter, supermarket, chemical, construction, mortuary, laboratory and floral farm and flower shop.

Maintenance / Repairs

SAME DAY Cold Room repair and service

We know how important it is to get you up and going as quickly as possible so where possible we offer a 90 minute callout on repairs, all carried out by our trained, professional, experienced and friendly commercial London engineers.

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North London Appliance Repairs have worked within every sector of industry that requires cold room facilities including:

  • Automotive
  • Food industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research industries
  • Public services sector

Please feel free to contact us on 0845 835 8100 and discuss your cold room requirement.

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